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We are a leading global provider of three main types of speciality food ingredients: texturants, sweeteners and health and wellness ingredients. If you have a new product or technology in one or more of these areas – or a new food technology altogether – we would love to hear from you.

The ingredients for a great partnership 

We are looking for sweeteners, texturants and health and wellness ingredients with a genuine advantage over what’s already available. When you contact us, we’d like you to tell us where your product has that advantage. For example, if your product is a new sweetener, what benefits does it offer over other sweeteners on the market? If you have a new technology, what does it enable?

All our innovations are designed to improve food and beverages, so we are particularly interested in ingredients that have been shown to work well in foods, with no negative effect on food taste or quality.

We are committed to science-driven innovation, and we are always open to great new ideas. Generally, though, we’ve found that the most successful partnerships have come from inventions that already produced some proof of concept – and we prioritize technologies which are protected by patents.

Ingredients should be ‘clean label’ in our target markets. We are experts in regulatory approval (for example, FDA GRAS and EFSA Novel Food approvals) – and we’d like to know what stage your innovation is at in the regulatory process.

And because we are a global provider, we look for ingredients that can be manufactured on a global scale. If your innovation meets these requirements, we could be at the beginning of a highly successful partnership.

We work with everyone from start-ups, universities, SMEs and larger companies - anyone with a technology or product that we can help bring to market.

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